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Troubleshoot and debug
any WordPress related issue

Find, debug, and apply fixes to your WordPress site.

  • Check for plugin and theme compatibility after PHP upgrade or WordPress version update.
  • Troubleshoot and find why you get the 500 error page.
  • Repair any database issues or lost database connection errors.
  • Troubleshoot the blank / white screen of death page.
  • Fix any page layout and CSS bugs for Chrome, Edge and other browsers.
  • Troubleshoot any WordPress plugin and suggest the best available alternatives.
  • Find hosting related issues and and give you a suggestion on what's the best plan for your current site.
  • and a whole lot more...

Customize any functionality
of your preferred theme or plugin

Adjust and change your themes or plugins to your personal needs.

  • Create and set up a child theme.
  • Modify, add or extend functionality to an existing plugin.
  • Edit and modify a custom theme.
  • Personalize new theme with your logo, brand colors, and content
  • Change layout and customize buttons, text or other elements of your pages.
  • Create a custom error page for your site.
  • Create a custom login page for your site.
  • and much more...

Configure & customize
some of the most popular plugins on the market

Keep all our communication in
one place with DevelopryPMS.

Easy to use and navigate project management system.

  • Follow your submission progress.
  • Discuss your needs.
  • Receive email & system notification.
  • Attach and upload media files to your submission.
  • Share your site credentials securely.
  • All this with our custom-made management system

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Easy to use management system
and simple step-by-step workflow

I have designed a system and workflow for project management where you don’t need to be an expert to submit and mange your projects.

  • I am here to make your life easier and help you with your WordPress needs.
  • Your time valuable to me and I don't want to make you work overtime to learn new methods and use several different apps in order to get your issues resolved.

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Jack of none, master of one — an expert WordPress developer @ Codeable.io

My name is Krasen and I started as I front-end web development consultant and CSS guru. I started to work professionally back in the day (1999) while a junior system administrator decided to learn a bit of HTML & CSS to create my personal page. Since 2006 I have been working as a WordPress developer and I would like to say that I enjoy what I do for a living.

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